Bài tập bổ trợ luyện nghe tiếng Anh 7 – Global Success #1

Unit 1: My Hobbies – Period 1

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I. Vocabulary:

  • artwork             (n)         
  • provide             (v)
  • hobby               (n)
  • knowledge       (n)
  • wildlife             (n)         
  • update             (v)
  • creative           (adj)
  • useful              (adj)
  • news                (n)
  • interfere           (v)

II. Exercises:

Task 1: Vocabulary

1. We plan to go on a safari next month to observe the _______ up close.
A) Interfere
B) Wildlife
C) Provide
D) Creative

2. The _______ says there will be heavy rain tomorrow.
A) Knowledge
B) Interfere
C) News
D) Wildlife

3. The company _______ excellent customer service.
A) Creative
B) Interfere
C) Provide
D) Artwork

4. She is a _______ artist who loves experimenting with different art forms.
A) Wildlife
B) Interfere
C) Creative
D) Artwork

5. My _______ is gardening. I spend my weekends planting flowers and vegetables.
A) Hobby
B) Wildlife
C) Update
D) Artwork

6. Please don’t _______ with my work. I need to concentrate.
A) Provide
B) Interfere
C) Knowledge
D) News

7. The new software update will introduce ______ features for better productivity.
A) Useful
B) Knowledge
C) News
D) Wildlife

8. After completing this course, you will gain valuable _______ about finance.
A) Update
B) Interfere
C) Knowledge
D) News

9. The gallery displays a wide range of modern _______.
A) Hobby
B) Wildlife
C) Artwork
D) Useful

10. I regularly _______ my blog with new content.
A) Hobby
B) Interfere
C) Update
D) Useful

Listen and check your answer:

Task 2: Listen and fill in the blank with the words from the vocabulary list.

The (1) ________________ I like most is watching TV. I watch TV for about one hour a day after I finish all of my homework. Therefore, it never (2) ________________ with my study. I think it’s a good hobby because watching TV brings me a lot of (3) ________________. For example, the (4) ________________ helps me understand what is going on around the world. Other channels such as Discovery Channel or Animal Planet help me learn about the (5) ________________. Sometimes, I watch very good cartoons and they (6) ________________ me with (7) ________________ and new ideas to make (8) ________________. I’m also studying English on The Language Channel. The lessons are (9) ________________ and exciting. My parents like my hobby because I can (10) ________________ them with international and local news. Sometimes in the evening they watch TV with me.

Task 3: Read the completed passage above then choose the best answer.

1. The hobby the author likes most is:
A) Gardening
B) Reading
C) Watching TV
D) Painting

2. The author watches TV for approximately:
A) One hour a day
B) Two hours a day
C) Three hours a day
D) Four hours a day

3. The author believes that watching TV never _______ with their study.
A) Helps
B) Interferes
C) Enhances
D) Supports

4. Watching TV brings the author a lot of:
A) Money
B) Knowledge
C) Toys
D) Friends

5. The news helps the author understand what is going on:
A) At home
B) In their neighborhood
C) Around the world
D) In school

6. Channels like Discovery Channel and Animal Planet help the author learn about:
A) Wildlife
B) Gardening techniques
C) Literature
D) History

7. The author gets creative and new ideas for artwork from:
A) Music
B) Books
C) Sports
D) Cartoons

8. The author is studying English on:
A) The Cooking Channel
B) The Language Channel
C) The Fashion Channel
D) The Music Channel

9. The English lessons on The Language Channel are:
A) Useful and exciting
B) Boring and unhelpful
C) Useless and frustrating
D) Confusing and difficult

10. The author’s parents like the author’s hobby because it allows them to:
A) Sleep more
B) Watch TV alone
C) Update them with news
D) Avoid watching TV

Task 4: Read again the completed passage above, then answer the questions.

1. What is the hobby that the person enjoys the most?
2. How long does the person watch TV every day?
3. How does the person feel about their hobby interfering with their study?
4. What kind of knowledge does the person gain from watching TV?
5. Which channels help the person learn about wildlife?
6. How do the person’s parents feel about their hobby?

The end


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