Luyện nghe tiếng Anh 7 – Global Success – Unit 7 Traffic

Bài tập luyện nghe sách tiếng Anh 7 – Global Success

Unit 7: Traffic

Part 1: You will hear a talk about traffic rules. Listen and choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.

(You should choose all the options before check your answers)


1. Why are traffic rules important?

A. They help keep us and other drivers safe on the roads.
B. They make driving more difficult.
C. They are not important.

2. What should we always obey when driving?

A. Traffic signals such as stop signs and red lights.
B. Our own judgement.
C. Other drivers’ signals.

3. Why is it important to stay within speed limits?

A. To avoid getting a speeding ticket.
B. To avoid putting ourselves or others at risk of an accident.
C. To save fuel.

4.What should we pay attention to when driving in a city or town?

A.Pedestrian crossings and give way where necessary
B.The scenery
C.The music playing in the car

5.Why shouldn’t we drink alcohol before driving?

A.It can impair your judgement significantly which could lead you into danger
B.It’s against the law
C.All of the above

Part 2. You will hear a talk about the traffic in a big city. Listen and fill in the gaps with no more than ONE word and or a number.

Traffic can be a problem in a big city. With so many cars on the road, it can be difficult to get around quickly and safely. Rush hour traffic jams are common and can cause long times. It’s important to plan your journeys carefully and allow extra time for potential delays. Public transportation, such as buses or trains, may be a better option than because they tend to avoid getting in traffic. Walking or cycling is also a great way to get around, especially for short distances. This is not only a healthy option but also an environmentally friendly one. So, next time you need to travel in a big city, consider using public transport or walking or cycling. Your and the planet will thank you for it!

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