Industrial area in the town of Norbiton

The maps below show an industrial area in the town of Norbiton, and planned future development of the site.

town of Norbiton

The two cartographic depictions convey the topography of the Norbiton locality in contemporary times, alongside the intended modifications.

All in all, the Norbiton industrial precinct is situated on the eastern periphery of the town, with a river flowing to the north, demarcating the agricultural lands from the industrial region, which is sited in the midst of the map, portrayed by a sparse grouping of manufacturing edifices and thoroughfares, culminating in the main road situated at the southernmost edge of the map.

The planned improvements exhibit a substantial augmentation and alterations to the overall infrastructure of the expanse between the farmland and the main road.

Firstly, the planned enhancements of the Norbiton region substitute the previous industrial plants with residential properties.

In addition, the thoroughfares have been expanded to accommodate all the new structures that have been proposed for the area, including a school and a playground on the eastern side of the roundabout located at the center of the map, alongside stores and a medical center encircling the roundabout.

Secondly, a bridge has been slated to be constructed in the north of the map, traversing the river and providing ingress to the residential properties that will be situated on the farmland.

Vocabulary which aims band 8+

Cartographic depictions – Visual representations of an area or region using maps, charts, or graphs.
Synonyms: Map illustrations, Graphic representations, Topographical sketches.

Topography – The arrangement of natural and artificial physical features in an area.
Synonyms: Terrain, Landscape, Geography.

Modifications – Changes or alterations made to something.
Synonyms: Revisions, Adjustments, Amendments.

Periphery – The outer edge or boundary of an area.
Synonyms: Fringe, Border, Margin.

Demarcating – The act of setting the boundaries or limits of an area.
Synonyms: Delineating, Defining, Delimiting.

Industrial precinct – A designated area where industrial activities take place.
Synonyms: Industrial zone, Manufacturing district, Factory area.

Sited – Placed or located in a particular position.
Synonyms: Positioned, Located, Situated.

Augmentation – The act of making something larger or more extensive.
Synonyms: Expansion, Increase, Enlargement.

Alterations – Changes made to something to improve or modify it.
Synonyms: Adjustments, Revisions, Modifications.

Infrastructure – The fundamental facilities and systems needed for an area to function.
Synonyms: Basic framework, Foundation, Underlying structure.

Substituted – Replaced with something else.
Synonyms: Exchanged, Swapped, Replaced.

Thoroughfares – Main roads or highways in an area.
Synonyms: Highways, Boulevards, Avenues.

Proposed – Suggested or recommended for consideration.
Synonyms: Recommended, Suggested, Proposed.

Encircling – Surrounding or enclosing something.
Synonyms: Surrounding, Enclosing, Encompassing.

Traversing – Crossing or passing through an area or region.
Synonyms: Crossing, Passing through, Moving across.



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