Domestic violence – Luyện nghe tiếng anh 10 Global Success

Bài tập luyện nghe thi giữa học kì 2 tiếng Anh 10.

I. Listen to the talk and complete task 1.

Q1. What is domestic violence?
A. A form of abuse involving physical, emotional, and psychological harm inflicted by one person on another
B. A type of relationship characterized by fear and intimidation
C. An illegal act that involves physical force
D. A crime punishable by law
Q2. What are some of the consequences of domestic violence?
A. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD
B. Increased economic inequality
C. Lack of access to digital technology
D. Reduced educational success
Q3. What is the goal of those trying to combat domestic violence?
A. To provide support to victims
B. To punish those who perpetrate abuse
C. To raise awareness of the issue
D. To prevent exploitation of vulnerable people
Q4. Who is affected by domestic violence?
A. Adults only
B. People in intimate relationships
C. Everyone in a household
D. People in the same community
Q5. What is the right of people affected by domestic violence?
A. To have access to digital technology
B. To be punished for perpetrating abuse
C. To be provided with support
D. To feel safe in their own homes

II. Listening Task: Listen carefully as you hear a passage about gender violence then answer 5 multiple choice questions below correctly:

Q1) What type(s)of abuse does Gender Violence include?
A) Physical
B) Sexual
C ) Psychological
D ) All three
Q2) How do victims often respond when faced with Gender Violence?
A ) Report it immediately
B ) Hide away
C ) Seek help
D) Remain silent
Q3)What are some consequences for those who commit acts of Gender Violence ?
A ) Punishment by law enforcement agencies
B ) Social ostracism
C ) Losses financially
D ) None
Q4). Who can be affected by Gender Violence ?
A) Children only
B) Men
C) Women
D) Both men & women
Q5) What is one way we can combat against GenderViolence?
A) Open discussion
B) Ignoring the problem
C) Encouraging silence on the matter
D) Education

Answer Keys + Tapescripts

Keys part 1.

Q1. A

Q2. A

Q3. C

Q4. B

Q5. D

Tapescripts Part 1.

Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. It can take many forms, including physical, emotional and psychological abuse. Domestic violence can have devastating consequences for victims and their families, such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Unfortunately it often goes unreported because victims are too afraid to come forward due to feelings of shame or guilt. We must all work together in order to break this cycle of abuse by raising awareness about domestic violence and providing support services for those affected by it. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own homes; no one should ever be subjected to fear or intimidation from someone they love!

Keys part 2.

  1. D – All three
  2. D – Remain Silent
  3. A – Punishment by Law Enforcement Agencies
  4. D – Both men & women
  5. D – Education

Tapescripts Part 2.

Gender violence is a serious issue that affects people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It can take many forms including physical, sexual or psychological abuse between intimate partners or family members. Unfortunately, it often goes unreported due to fear of repercussions from the abuser or embarrassment on the part of the victim. In order to better understand this problem and prevent it from occurring in our communities we need to be aware of its prevalence and have open conversations about what constitutes gender-based violence.

Vocabuary Part 1.

Psychological: Relating to the mind or mental processes, such as thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Synonyms: mental, psychosomatic, cognitive, psychological, psychoanalytic.

Devastating: Causing great destruction or harm.

Synonyms: devastating, ruinous, catastrophic, calamitous, destructive.

Post-traumatic: Relating to the period following a traumatic event or experience.

Synonyms: post-traumatic, after-effects, aftermath, sequelae.

Disorder: A physical or mental condition that causes disruption or distress.

Synonyms: illness, affliction, malady, ailment, disorder.

Unreported: Not reported in the news or to a particular authority.

Synonyms: secret, hidden, unacknowledged, undisclosed, unreported.

Raising: To increase in amount, size, or degree.

Synonyms: boosting, escalating, augmenting, lifting, raising.

Intimidation: The use of fear or threats to make someone do something.

Synonyms: bullying, browbeating, cowing, terrorization, intimidation.


Vocabulary Part 2.

psychological: relating to the study of mental processes and behavior;

synonyms: emotional, mental, cognitive, behavioral.

unreported: not reported or recorded;

synonyms: undocumented, unrecorded, unacknowledged.

repercussions: the effect of an event or action, especially an unpleasant one;

synonyms: consequences, aftermath, aftermath, results.

abuser: a person who treats another person in a cruel or violent way;

synonyms: perpetrator, offender, assailant, aggressor.

occurring: happening; taking place;

synonyms: happening, taking place, transpiring, arising.

prevalence: the fact or condition of being prevalent; widespread occurrence;

synonyms: commonness, pervasiveness, prevalence, frequency.

constitutes: be (a part) of a whole;

synonyms: comprise, compose, make up, form.

gender-based: relating to or based on the gender of individuals;

synonyms: sex-based, gender-related, gender-specific.

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