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Getting Started – Listen and Read.

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Tape Scripts Tiếng Anh 7 – Global Success.


Ann: Your house is very nice, Trang.
Trang: Thanks! Let’s go upstairs. I’ll show you my room.
Ann: I love your dollhouse. It’s amazing. Did you make it yourself?
Trang: Yes. I like building dollhouses very much.
Ann: Really? Is it hard to build one?
Trang: Not really. All you need is some cardboard and glue. Then just use a bit of creativity. What do you do in your free time?
Ann: I like horse riding.
Trang: That’s rather unusual. Not many people do that.
Ann: Actually, it’s more common than you think. There are some horse riding clubs in Ha Noi now. I go to the Riders’ Club every Sunday.
Trang: I’d love to go to your club this Sunday. I want to learn how to ride.
Ann: Sure. My lesson starts at 8 a.m.


Mi: This is a nice picture, Mark.
Mark: That’s my dad and I boating at Yen So Park.
Mi: I also see a lot of people exercising there.
Mark: Yes, it’s a popular place for people in my neighbourhood.
Mi: Outdoor activities are good for our health. My family often goes cycling in the countryside. It’s quiet, and there’s a lot of fresh air.
Mark: It sounds interesting.
Mi: Yes, it’s lots of fun. We also bring fruit, water, and a lunch box with us.
Mark: I’d love to join you next time.
Mi: Sure. Bring along a hat and suncream.
Mark: Why suncream?
Mi: It’s really hot and sunny at noon, so you might get sunburn.
Mark: I see.


Minh: Hi, Tom. Are you back in Ha Noi?
Tom: Yes. I came back yesterday. Can we meet up this Sunday morning? I bought you a board game.
Minh: Sure, I can’t wait! But our Green School Club will have some community activities on that morning.
Tom: What activities does your club do?
Minh: Well, we pick up litter around our school and plant vegetables in our school garden.
Tom: School gardening? That’s fantastic!
Minh: Yes. We donate the vegetables to a nursing home. Does your school have any activities like these?
Tom: Yes. We donate books to homeless children. We also have English classes. Last summer, we taught English to 30 kids in the area.
Minh: Sounds like great work!
Tom: Thanks.
Minh: … So, let’s meet in the afternoon then.


Trang: Hi, Nick. What are you listening to?
Nick: I’m listening to music. I like classical music, and I often play the piano in my spare time.
Trang: Wow. I can’t play any instruments.
Nick: And what about you? What’s your hobby?
Trang: I like painting and taking photos.
Nick: Taking photos? I’ve never tried it. Is it fun?
Trang: Yeah, it is, but not as fun as painting.
Nick: Right. They seem quite different from each other. What do you normally paint?
Trang: Landscapes and animals, just for pleasure, you know. I sometimes share them with my friends.
Nick: Really? Um, maybe we should go to an art gallery next weekend?
Trang: Sounds good, but I’d prefer to go to the music festival at my school.
Nick: Well… OK. That’s fine.


Waiter: Good evening. What can I get you today?
Mark’s mum: We’d like rice with some pork cooked in fish sauce. Oh, could we also have an order of roast chicken and fried vegetables?
Mark: And I’d like some fried tofu and spring rolls too.
Waiter: OK. Would you like canh chua? It’s a kind of Vietnamese soup. We often have it with rice.
Mark’s dad: Let me see… I think we’ll try some canh chua.
Waiter: With shrimp or fish?
Mark’s dad: With shrimp, please.
Waiter: Would you like anything to drink? We have a lot of drinks: juice, lemonade, green tea, mineral water,…
Mark’s mum: Mineral water for me, green tea for my husband, and juice for my children.
Waiter: What kind of juice would you like?
Mark’s sister: Do you have winter melon juice?
Waiter: Let me see. Er, yes. How many cans would you like?
Mark’s sister: One… No, wait, two please. By the way, how much is a can of winter melon juice?
Mark: The menu says it’s 10,000 dong.
Waiter: That’s right. I’ll be right back with your order.


Phong: What are you doing, Mi?
Mi: I’m preparing to visit Binh Minh Lower Secondary School.
Phong: Sounds great! I think that’s one of the best schools in my neighbourhood. Who is going with you and when?
Mi: My teacher and my classmates. We’re going in the afternoon.
Phong: I see. What will you do there?
Mi: Well, I think we’ll visit the school library, the computer room, and the gym. We’ll meet the students and share ideas for a project in our English class.
Phong: That’s interesting. What else will you do there?
Mi: We’ll meet the members of their Go Green Club and take photos of the school.
Phong: Fantastic! So don’t forget to take your camera.
Mi: I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

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