Police budget 2017 – 2018 – Writing task 1

Police budget 2017 – 2018 – Writing task 1. Test 3 Cambridge 17.

police budget for 2017 and 2018

police budget for 2017 and 2018

The table and charts below give information on the police budget for 2017 and 2018 in one area of Britain. The table shows where the money came from and the charts show how it was distributed.

The presented data visualizations provide insights into the allocation of police funds and their usage in the years 2017 and 2018.

An overall increment in the total sum of money was observed, and the National Government continued to be the primary source of funds. The majority of the budget was expended on salaries of personnel.

With regard to the funding sources, the National Government’s budget, which was already the largest source, saw a small increase from 175.5 million pounds in 2017 to 177.8 million pounds in 2018. The amount received from local taxes witnessed a significant upsurge from 91.2 to 102.3 million pounds, while there was a minor rise in the figure for other sources like grants.

Concerning the distribution of funds, in 2017, three-quarters of the budget were allocated to the salaries of officers and staff. Although this figure decreased to 69% in 2018, it remained the most substantial expenditure. The expenses for buildings and transportation constituted 17% of the total expenditure in both years. Notably, the expenses for technology surged from 8% to 14% during this period.

Vocabulary highlights:

fund/ budget : an amount of money provided, collected, received for a purpose

use (money) for sth = allocate (money) to sth = spend (money) on sth

personnel : people working for a company, organization, or the armed forces

witness/ see : Time/place + see/witness + an event/action = An event/action happened at that time/place.

Insights – (synonyms: understanding, comprehension) – the ability to gain a deep understanding of a particular subject or situation.

Allocated – (synonyms: assigned, designated) – to set apart or designate for a particular purpose.

Utilized – (synonyms: used, employed) – to make use of something for a particular purpose.

Increment – (synonyms: increase, growth) – a slight increase in value or quantity.

Significant – (synonyms: important, noteworthy) – having a great meaning or importance.

Expenses – (synonyms: costs, expenditures) – the money spent on something.

Distribution – (synonyms: allocation, dispersion) – the act of dividing something into smaller parts and giving each part to a different person or group.

Primary – (synonyms: main, chief) – the most important or main thing.

Marginal – (synonyms: minor, insignificant) – small in amount or effect.

Surge – (synonyms: rise, increase) – a sudden and great increase in something.

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