Unit 5 Dream Destination Project – Sample

Unit 5 Dream Destination Project

Hello everybody. My name is Lan. I’m going to talk about a natural wonder I would like to visit, that is Phong Nha Cave.

Phong Nha Cave is considered one of the cultural heritage sites of the world. It is in Quang Binh Province. We can go to Quang Binh from Ha Noi by train, plane, car or coach. Then it takes us only 40 minutes by boat on the Son river to Phong Nha entrance. Coming to here, we’ll experience the interesting feeling when we take a motor boat trip along the poetic Son River. This time is a chance for us to enjoy the natural scenery of appealing areas surrounding the charming Son River. After about thirty-minute, the large mouth of the Phong Nha Cave will open before your eyes. Its mouth is about 10 meters in height and 25 meters in width. The deeper you go into the cave, the more surprised you feel at its beauty.

I’m sure that we’ll be impressed when we continue going deeper to explore as well as admire more breathtaking beauty of the most beautiful system of the cave.
Nowhere in southeast Asia can we can enjoy the most marvelous and magical cave like Phong Nha. The area is considered a paradise for researchers and explorers of grottoes and caves. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed when you visit Phong Nha Cave.

Thank you so much for your listening. If you have any questions about it, I’ll be pleased to answer them.



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