Tiếng Anh 6 Global Success Getting Started

Luyện nghe tiếng Anh 6 Global Success.

Getting Started – Listen and Read.

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Tape Scripts.

Unit 1 – My New School – Getting Started

Phong: Hi, Vy.
Vy: Hi, Phong! Are you ready?
Phong: Just a minute.
Vy: Oh, this is Duy, my new friend.
Phong: Hi, Duy. Nice to meet you.
Duy: Hi, Phong. I live near here, and we go to the same school!
Phong: Good. Hmm, your school bag looks heavy.
Duy: Yes! I have new books, and we have new subjects to study.
Phong: And a new uniform, Duy! You look smart!
Duy: Thanks, Phong. We always look smart in our uniforms.
Phong: Let me put on my uniform. Then we can go.

Unit 2 – My House – Getting Started

Mi: Wow! Your room looks so big, Nick.
Nick: It’s Elena’s room. She’s my sister.
Mi: I see. Is there a TV behind you?
Nick: Yes, there is. Where do you live, Mi?
Mi: I live in a town house. And you?
Nick: I live in a country house. Who do you live with?
Mi: My parents and younger brother. We’re moving to a flat next month!
Nick: Are you?
Mi: Yes. My aunt lives near there, and I can play with my cousin.
Nick: Are there many rooms in your new flat?
Mi: Yes, there are. There’s a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

Unit 3 – My Friends – Getting Started

Phong: That was a great idea, Nam. I love picnics!
Nam: Please pass me the biscuits.
Phong: Sure. Here you are.
Nam: Thanks. What are you reading, Phong?
Phong: 4Teen. It’s my favourite magazine!
Nam: Look! It’s Mai. And she is with someone.
Phong: Oh, who’s that? She has glasses and long black hair.
Nam: I don’t know. They’re coming over.
Mai: Hi there. This is my friend Chau.
Phong & Nam: Hi, Chau. Nice to meet you.
Chau: Nice to meet you, too.
Nam: Would you like to sit down? We have lots of food.
Mai: Oh, sorry, we can’t. We’re going to the bookshop.
Chau: Bye for now.
Phong & Nam: Bye bye.

Unit 4 – My Neighborhood – Getting Started

Phong: Wow! We’re in Hoi An. I’m so excited.
Nick: Me too. It’s so beautiful. Where shall we go first?
Khang: Let’s go to Chua Cau!
Phong: Well, but Tan Ky House is nearer. Shall we go there first?
Nick & Khang: OK, sure.
Phong: First, cross the road, and then turn left.
Nick: Fine, let’s go.
Phong: Wait.
Khang: What’s up, Phong?
Phong: I think we’re lost.
Nick: Look, there’s a girl. Let’s ask her.
Phong: Excuse me? Can you tell us the way to Tan Ky House?
Girl: Sure. Go straight. Take the second turning on the left, and then turn right.
Phong, Nick & Khang: Thank you.

Unit 5 – Natural Wonders of Viet Nam – Getting Started

Alice: Hello, welcome to our Geography Club. (Knock at door)
Alice: Come in, Elena. We’re just starting now. But remember you must always be on time.
Elena: Sure. Sorry.
Alice: Today I’m going to talk about some natural wonders of Viet Nam.
Nick: Great! What’s that in the first picture?
Alice: It’s Ganh Da Dia in Phu Yen.
Elena: Wow. It looks amazing!
Nick: Is picture 2 Ha Long Bay?
Alice: Right. What do you know about it?
Nick: It has many islands.
Alice: Yeah! The scenery is wonderful. This picture shows Tuan Chau, a large island.
Tommy: How about picture 3?

Unit 6 – Our Tet holiday

Linda: Phong, does Viet Nam celebrate New Years?
Phong: Yes, we do. We have Tet.
Linda: When is Tet?
Phong: At different times. This year, it’s in January.
Linda: What do you do at Tet?
Phong: We clean our homes and decorate them with flowers.
Linda: Is Tet a time for family gatherings?
Phong: Yes. It’s a happy time for everybody.
Linda: Great.
Phong: Yes, and another good thing about Tet is that children get lucky money.
Linda: That sounds interesting. Is there anything special people should do?
Phong: We should say “Happy New Year” when we meet people, and we shouldn’t break anything.

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