Tiếng Anh 9 – Luyện Thi vào 10

Bài tập luyện nghe tiếng Anh 9 luyện Thi vào 10

Listen and fill in the blank with the correct answer A, B, C or D.

1. Her office is ______ km away but it takes her two hours to get there by car every day.
A. seven
B. seventeen
C. twenty seven
D. seventy
2. “Some cities have problems with ______ , crime, or bad weather – here we have traffic jams,” she says.
A. smoke
B. pollution
C. accidents
D. poverty
3. Before going to the office, she has to take her children to school – so she sets off at _____ .
A. 4.30 am
B. 5 am
C. 6 am
D. 7 am
4. In the evening the traffic is even ______ .
A. good
B. bad
C. better
D. worse
5. Traffic moves in the city centre at ________ an hour
A. half a kilometre
B. one kilometre
C. two kilometres
D. three kilometres
6. The Skytrain and metro can help a bit, but they are ________ in range and don’t cover all parts of the city.
A. restricted
B. rare
C. small number
D. limited
Listen to what a tourist say about Ha Long Bay and choose the correct answer to each of the following questions.

7. Where is Ha Long Bay situated?
A. In the northeast region of Viet Nam
B. In the southeast region of Viet Nam
C. In the South of Viet Nam
D. In the North of Viet Nam
8. What does Ha Long Bay look like?
A. a picture
B. a work of art
C. a great flower
D. a beautiful girl
9. How many islands does Ha Long Bay have?
A. 1,996
B. 1,000
C. 1,969
D. 2,000
10. It is now known that _______.
A. People lived in Ha Long a long time ago
B. Nobody lived in Ha Long
C. Many animals lived in Ha Long
D. Ha Long was one of the places where humans first existed

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