5000 câu trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 9 có đáp án

Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 9 có đáp án

Exercise 1

1.       The wedding party________ at the Rex Hotel.

          a. is                              b. is being                  c. will be                     d. is going to be

2.       How many languages_____ John speak?

          a. do                            b. does                       c. did                           d. will

3.       Hurry! The train________ I don’t want to miss it.

          a. comes                      b. is coming               c. came                        d. has come

4.       Angelina Jolie is a famous actress. She ________ in several film.

          a. appears                    b. is appearing           c. appeared                  d. has appeared

5.       I saw Maggie at the party. She ________ in several film.

          a. wears                       b. wore                      c. was wearing            d. has worn

6.       What time________ the next train leave?

          a. does                         b. will                        c. shall                         d. would

7.       Monica________ with her sister at the moment until she finds a flat.

          a. stays                        b. is staying               c. will stay                   d. is going to stay

8.       After I________ lunch, I looked for my bag.

          a. had                          b. had had                 c. have has                   d. have had

9.       By the end of next year, George________ English for 2 years.

          a. will have learned           b. will learn         c. has leaned                d. would learn

10.     The man got out of the car,_______ round to the back and opened the boot.

          a. walking                    b. walked                  c. walks                       d. walk

11.     For several years his ambition ________ to be a pilot.

          a. is                              b. has been                c. was                          d. had been

12.     Henry________ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.

          a. was going                b. went                      c. has gone                  d. did go

13.     He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he ________ dinner.

          a. finish                       b. finishes                  c. will finish                d. shall have finished

14.     Before  you asked, the letter________

          a. was written              b. had been written   c. had written              d. has been written

15.     She ________ English at RMIT these days.

          a. studies                     b. is studying            c. will study                d. is gong to study

16.     She’s at her best when she________ big decisions.

          a. is making                 b. makes                    c. had made                 d. will make

17.     We________ next vacation in London.

          a. spend                       b. are spending          c. will spend                d. are going to spend

18.     Robert________ tomorrow morning on the 10:30 train.

          a. arrived                     b. is arriving              c. has arrived               d. would arrive

19.     Look! The bus________

          a. left                           b. has left                  c. leaves                       d. is leaving

20.     Mike________ one hour ago.

          a. phoned                    b. was phoning          c. had phoned              d. has phoned























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