Đề thi tiếng anh 8 học kì 2 kèm file nghe – sách chính thức – Đề 04

Đề thi học kì 2 – Đề 04

Đề thi tiếng anh 8 học kì 2 kèm file nghe – sách chính thức

“1. Listen to an extract from a talk about the Apollo Program and then match the statements A – F with
the spaceships. There is one statement you will NOT need to use. More than one statement can be
matched to a spaceship.
A. It brought back some materials from the moon.
B. Its crew members died because of an accident.
C. Its crew members acted in a film about themselves.
D. Its accident led to major improvements of later spacecraft.
E. Its crew members survived an accident.
F. It was the first to land on the moon.
Apollo 1: ______________
Apollo 11: ______________
Apollo 13: ______________
2. Listen to a conversation about the Go Green Club. Answer the questions or complete the answers
with no more than TWO WORDS and/or a number. You will listen TWICE.
1. How many members did Go Green have when it was founded?
– ________________________________
2. What is the purpose of Go Green?
– To raise people’s awareness about _________________.
3. What is Go Green’s regular activity?
– _________________ at Hoan Kiem Lake.
4. What is Go Green’s activity every three months?
– Organize a _________________.
5. What is an Ecobag?
– It is made from _________________ materials.”
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