Luyện kĩ năng nghe tiếng Anh 9 Level A2 dành cho học sinh giỏi

Luyện kĩ năng nghe tiếng Anh 9 Level A2 dành cho học sinh giỏi,
Website chia sẻ tới các bạn tài liệu nghe tiếng anh dành cho các cấp học với nội dung chủ yếu là các file nghe trong các đơn vị bài học, bài kiểm tra thường xuyên và định kì, bên cạnh đó còn cả những mẫu file nghe cho các bài thi học kì.
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– Hãy truy cập liên kết ẩn bên dưới để tải file nghe, và xem đáp án nhé –
Part 1: Questions from 1 to 6. (1.2 points – 0.2/ each)
You will hear an interview with a young man called Jack Salter, who has won a photography competition. For each question, choose the correct answer for each question.
1. Why did Jack take photographs of street signs?
A. His mother suggested it.
B. The colours were exciting.
C. He liked their different shapes.
2. Why did Jack go into his yard to take his winning photo?
A. He wanted to be out in the sunshine.
B. He was looking for shots of flowers.
C. He was trying out some new equipment.

3. When Jack first looked at his winning photo, he felt
A. proud of how good it was.
B. worried about the background.
C. unsure how clear the detail was.
4. Jack was surprised by the other photos in the competition because
A. the quality was so high
B. the styles were so similar
C. the subjects were so unusual
5. Since winning the competition, Jack now hopes to
A. take more photos of people.
B. travel to different countries.
C. get ideas from other photographers.
6. Jack advises other young people interested in photography to
A. have the same attitude as him.
B. photograph the same things as him.
C. get the same type of camera as him.
Part 2: Questions from 7 to 15. (1.8 points- 0.2/ each)
Listen to the recording. Complete the notes below. Write one word only for each answer.
The library re-opened last ……month……..
The library now has
• a seating area with magazines
• an expanded section for books on travelling
• a new section on local (7) ……………
• a community room for meetings (also possible to (8) ……… there)
• a new section of books for (9) ………
For younger children
• the next Science Club meeting: experiments using things from your (10) ………
• Reading Challenge: read six books during the holidays
For adults
• this Friday: a local author talks about a novel based on a real (11) …………
• IT support is available on Tuesdays – no (12) ……………………………… is necessary
• free check of blood (13) …… and cholesterol levels (over 60s only)
Other information
• the library shop sells wall-charts, cards and (14) …………
• evenings and weekends: free (15) ……… is available

– Đáp án tham khảo –
Part 1: Questions from 1 to 6. (1.2 points – 0.2/ each)
1. B
2. C
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. A

Part 2. Questions from 7 to 15. (2.0 points – 0.2/ each)
7. history
8. study
9. teenagers
10. kitchen
11. crime
12. appointment / booking
13. sugar
14. stamps
15. parking

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